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Do you remember your first dental visit? Probably not. You were likely too young to remember the first time a dentist had a look at your teeth! A lifetime of healthy teeth starts with the habits we form as children. Set your child up for dental success by taking care of their teeth the moment […]

When you sit in the dentist’s chair, how do you feel? Some patients find dental visits to be incredibly relaxing. It’s a time when they can sit back, relax, and take a break from school or work. But for others, going to the dentist causes fear, anxiety, and stress. Anxiety is something every one of […]

Ever seen an old photo of yourself and realized that your teeth aren’t as bright as they used to be? You might wonder what caused them to lose their luster. Even if you have healthy teeth, they may still have stains due to dietary reasons, medical conditions, or your family history.  What can you do […]

A non-invasive dental procedure that transforms your smile in minutes? That’s the power of teeth whitening! Think of all the things your teeth endure. Over time, daily habits can lead to dull or yellow teeth. All sorts of foods and drinks stain your teeth, including soda, coffee, and smoking.  Some over-the-counter products aren’t just ineffective—they […]

SASKATOON, Canada – Dental House in Saskatoon is delighted to announce that they are part of a group of local organizations working together to provide healthcare and support for Afghan refugees. Dental House is associated with the Interim Federal Health Program in providing dental care for Refugees. Saskatoon has been receiving refugees from Afghanistan since […]

Are you dealing with a persistent toothache? Has one of your teeth changed colour? Do your gums appear swollen and red? You could be dealing with a root canal infection. Don’t worry: By taking action now, you can potentially save the tooth with root canal treatment.   Root canal procedures (also known as endodontic treatment) are […]

If your upper teeth sit too far forward, you may have an overbite or overjet. Do you notice challenges with regular mouth functions, like speaking, chewing, or biting? You long for an ideal smile, but an overbite gets in the way of that. Can you correct this issue with clear aligners?  At Dental House, we […]