Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you unhappy about the stained or discoloured appearance of your teeth? There are a few options to get whiter teeth. Over the counter teeth whitening products are available at local stores. These products are inexpensive but they offer limited results.

If you want a brighter smile, our dentist can offer two options: In office whitening or take-home whitening kit. During your consultation, our dentist will discuss which option is best for the outcome that you would like. Before whitening your teeth, we get patients to have dental hygiene appointment so that all the surfaces of your teeth are cleaned and this allows best results.

In office whitening procedure:

The Saskatoon dentist will place a protective coating on your gums to shield them from the whitening gel that will be applied to your teeth. Next, the whitening gel is applied and a special light is used to activate the whitening gel. After 15 minutes, the dentist will decide if another whitening session is required. Once finished, the whitening gel is cleaned off and the protective coating is removed from the gums. Instructions will be given on how to look after your teeth following the appointment.

Take home whitening kit:

For patients who prefer to whiten their teeth on their own schedule and in the comfort of their own homes, we offer customized take-home whitening kits. We fabricate customized dental trays from models of your teeth to allow our medical whitening gel to provide consistent whitening of the enamel. The gel will gradually lighten the enamel over the course of two to three weeks. The dentist will provide you with instructions on how to use the whitening kit.

If your teeth need more then whitening, we can offer smile makeovers to achieve brighter and lustrous shades.

Get FREE teeth whitening FOR LIFE – For valid active recare patients only. Ask our team about full details at your next appointment.

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