The Different Types Of Veneers To Consider Today

When it comes to perfecting your smile, you need to consider the many options that are on the market today with your local Saskatoon dentist. Dental veneers are a great way to enhance your pearly whites without letting anyone know what your natural teeth look like underneath. 

The question is: What are the different types of veneers to consider today? 

For more information on how you can get the megawatt smile you have been dreaming of, here is a breakdown to help you make an educated decision: 

Porcelain Veneers

One of the first types of veneers that you will encounter is porcelain veneers because they are by far the most common way to enhance a smile. Made from ceramics, these veneers are extremely long-lasting; many people keep them in place for more than a decade. They’re a long-term solution when your smile requires a little help. 

Of course, it’s also important to note that porcelain veneers are extremely durable and stain-resistant. 

Porcelain veneers are cost-effective and easy to place in the mouth. In fact, the addition of these veneers will not negatively impact other elements of the mouth, such as the gum tissue. They are easily placed with just a few visits to the dentist to get a custom-made smile. 

Composite Veneers

While porcelain veneers are the most common type used to enhance a smile, they are closely followed by composite veneers. The advance in technology allows your dentist to combine organic and inorganic compounds to recreate your smile permanently. 

If you have ever had a filling placed to match the colour of the tooth, then you are already familiar with composite veneers. 

The downside to these permanent veneers is that they tend to be weaker than porcelain veneers. Over time, you may accumulate more stains with composite resin veneers, which can lead to a less satisfactory smile. 

The good news is that these veneers can be shaped and made all on the same day. Instead of requiring a laboratory to finish the veneers, your dentist manages everything in-house. These veneers cost less than a porcelain set as well. 


Some people may be hesitant to use permanent veneers because they structurally change the enamel of the tooth underneath. Instead, you may turn to temporary veneers like Lumineers over the more traditional veneers that are made of porcelain or composite resin. 

Lumineers are extremely thin when compared to other types of permanent veneers, but they have an added benefit: They don’t require you to shape your natural teeth to accommodate them. They’re easy to place and are considered “removable veneers” because they can easily be reversed in the future. 

Keep in mind that their thin design does leave them more prone to wear and tear like chips over the years. However, if you are diligent about taking excellent care of them, they can still last ten to fifteen years which makes them a great investment. 

Prepare for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

Whether you want traditional porcelain veneers or composite veneers, Dental House can help you get the smile that would make you feel more confident. We can help cover discoloured teeth or chipped teeth with veneer materials that are perfectly designed for your mouth. Through our dental restoration process, we’ll help you get that beautiful smile. 

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