General Dentistry

At Dental House, we emphasize prevention. Regular dental visits and excellent daily oral hygiene are the best defense against cavities and gum problems. Early intervention of dental problems can save you from pain, discomfort and unexpected expenses. If your teeth or gums are causing you problems, restorative dental care will put you back on the right track and make your mouth feel normal again. Here are a list of preventative and restorative services that we offer:

  • Check up and cleaning
  • x-rays that help detect dental problems
  • composite (white) fillings
  • replace missing teeth with natural looking solutions
  • custom-made prosthetics and appliances
  • repair damaged teeth to look like new condition

Our General Dentistry Services

Dental Crowns and Bridge

Restore a tooth or replace a gap with a custom made dental prosthesis permanently bonded.


Get new dentures to replace missing teeth or have your existing dentures relined or repaired.

Root canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is an option to save your natural tooth. With advanced technology, root canal treatment can be quick and pain-free.


Removing a damaged tooth or wisdom tooth is a common procedure that can be performed with little pain or discomfort.

Composite fillings

White fillings can be used to fill cavities as well as restoring a chipped tooth to match your natural teeth so they look and feel great.